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Fairer Leadership Elections, An Elected Party Chairman, An Empowered Membership

The Campaign for Conservative Democracy was formed in 1994 to campaign for a democratic Conservative Party.

The original objective of the Campaign was "The creation of a Conservative Party Constitution in which each member has one vote." In 1994 the Conservative Party did not have a Constitution. As a result of pressure from the Campaign for Conservative Democracy a Constitution was created in 1998, but this Constitution had a major fault line in it as it could only be changed through an electoral college.

Over the years the Campaign has extended its objectives by looking at democracy within the Conservative Party, it has developed the following main recommendations:


  • The Constitution of the Conservative Party to be approved or altered by the members of the Party on the basis of one member one vote where two thirds voting are in favour.


  • The officers of the Conservative Party (Chairman, Treasurer, Chairman of the Candidates Committee, Chairman of the Policy Forum) to be elected by the members of the Party who will also vote on the Annual reports of the officers.


  • The democratic principles of elected officers should apply at all levels (national, regional and constituency) of the Conservative Party.

  • The Conservative Party Leadership Election rules should be changed, Candidates should be nominated by at least 10% of the Conservative Parliamentary Party, the membership should then vote for the candidate they prefer, if that candidate achieves less than 50% of the vote then there should be a runoff vote between the two candidates with the highest vote.


  • Should the Leader of the Conservative Party enter into a Coalition Agreement with another Party this must be endorsed at a meeting of the Parliamentary Party and at a Special General Meeting of Conservative members.

  • The Conservative Policy Forum should be integrated into the Party, every Constituency Association should have a Policy Forum and its submissions should form the basis of both National and Local Conservative Party Policy.

  • Constituency Associations should be modernised, their executives should have a Policy Officer who runs the Constituency Policy Forum and a Digital Officer who is responsible for the Association's webpage and social media.

  • The Welsh Conservative Party should be granted the same rights as its Scottish counterpart.

  • The Northern Ireland Conservatives should be granted the same rights as the Scottish Conservative Party.

  • Membership should provide discounts at various businesses.

  • University Associations should be integrated into the party and should be given an allowance by CCHQ to run events and put up speakers. 

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